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Best Comic Books

The 15 Best Comic Books of 2021


We’ve entered a new golden age of comic books, where Dracula, Ed Gein, and a land shark named Jeff compete with the very best superhero stories.

Best Action Movies

The 15 Best Action Movies of 2021


From blockbuster epics to an indie comedy from Japan, these are the best action films of the year.

The Witch Anya Taylor Joy

Anya Taylor-Joy and Delicious, Divine Ingenuity


A look back at her enduring showcase of eloquent artistry only affirms her dazzling future on the big and small screen.

Best Foreign Language Films

The 15 Best Non-English-Language Films of 2021


From Norway to India to Romania and beyond, Luke Hicks counts down the 15 best non-English language films released in 2021.

Sing 2 review

‘Sing 2’ is a Hollow, Meandering Sequel


We review the animated sequel, which runs away from any real meaning or emotional depth.

Triplets Of Belleville

Bizarre and Brilliant: The Absurd Optimism of ‘The Triplets of Belleville’


Why be wholesome or disturbing when you can be both?

David Newman West Side Story

How David Newman Protected Leonard Bernstein with ‘West Side Story’


We chat with the composer about his role in the remake and why he was hired to stand guard over Leonard Bernstein’s music.

A Journal For Jordan true story

The Real Story Behind ‘A Journal for Jordan’


Michael B. Jordan stars in the movie as 1st Sergeant Charles Monroe King, a war hero who left behind a journal full of advice for his son.

Rewind Best Video Essays

The 15 Best Video Essays of 2021


Here’s to another year of being edu-tained.

Nightmare Alley Explained

The Ending of ‘Nightmare Alley’ Explained


We dig into the themes at play at the end of Guillermo del Toro’s latest film, Nightmare Alley.

Star Wars Rogue One Five Years Later

Why Would Anyone Make a ‘Star Wars’ Movie?


Five years after the release of ‘Rogue One: A Star Wars Story,’ we look at the mad mindset it takes for a modern director to tackle George Lucas’ franchise.

Dog Day Afternoon movie sweat

All That Glistens: The Many Purposes of Movie Sweat


Get all hot and bothered with this look at the meaningful potential of sweat in movies.