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The War Of The Worlds

A Sci-Fi Classic from the 50s Lands on 4K UHD as Our Pick of the Week


Plus 13 more new releases to watch this week on UHD, Blu-ray, and DVD!

seo in guk in project wolf hunting

‘Project Wolf Hunting’ Paints the Sea Red With a Wild Genre Mash-Up


If the Red Cross declares a blood shortage in the coming weeks, this movie is probably the reason.

Smile Fantastic Fest Horror Film

Parker Finn’s ‘Smile’ Exposes Our Revulsion to Others’ Trauma


The new horror film leaves the viewer shaken in a way that surpasses its exceptionally executed jump-scares.

Deep Fear

‘Deep Fear’ Reminds Audiences That Catacombs Belong to the Dead


Stop going spelunking, people. Most of you belong above ground.

Seven Listening

Sounds Thrilling: The Sound Design of David Fincher


*keystrokes intensify*

Bad City

‘Bad City’ Delivers a Gritty and Thrilling Ride for V-Cinema Fans


Bad city, good movie, great action.


‘Athena’ Stuns With Both Beauty and Intensity


You might have to manually search for it on Netflix, but it’s worth the effort.

The Kingdom Exodus

‘The Kingdom: Exodus’ Is A Welcome Return For One Of Lars von Trier’s Strangest Creations


Swedes, watch at your own risk.

Goodnight Mommy Matt Sobel Remake

Matt Sobel Explains Why He Remade ‘Goodnight Mommy’ After Rejecting It


We chat with the director about initially dismissing the idea of a ‘Goodnight Mommy’ remake and how a friend changed his mind.

Un Chien Andalou

A Beginner’s Guide to Early Surrealist Films


Sliced eyes and stuttering geometry? Sounds like surrealism to us.

Glass Onion Knives Out

‘Glass Onion’ Is Transparently Silly But That’s Kind of the Point


Benoit Blanc is in his ‘Mama Mia’ era, huh?

She Hulk Episode Intelligencia

‘She-Hulk’ Introduces a Supervillain Threat with Phase One Ties


We examine ‘She-Hulk’ Episode 6 and consider who’s running the Intelligencia message board.