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Lupita Nyongo Us Performance

The Powerful Performance(s) of Lupita Nyong’o in ‘Us’


Marrying tenets of avant-garde theater and natural acting methods, Nyong’o delivered a masterclass in playing opposite sides of the same coin in Jordan Peele’s doppelgänger horror film.

New on Netflix August 2022

What’s New to Stream on Netflix for August 2022


Lots to look forward to this month including new Korean action, new vampire action, and a new season of ‘Never Have I Ever!’

Scott Snyder Comixology

Without Batman, Scott Snyder Has a Stress-Free Comic-Con


We chat with Scott Snyder about returning to Comic-Con with a new set of ComiXology Originals and why they trump Dark Knight popularity.

When Does A Movie End

Humor, Vibes, and Teasers: When Does a Movie “End,” Exactly?


The movie /ends/ but where and when, exactly?

Paper Girls Interview

The Anti-Nostalgia of ‘Paper Girls’


We interview the cast and crew of Paper Girls and discuss how the series challenges cookie-cutter nostalgia entertainment.

Comic Con Hall H Black Panther

Comic-Con, The Hall H Line Problem, and ‘Black Panther: Wakanda Forever’


Step one is recognizing there is no problem.

Horror Insane Asylums

The Complicated History of Horror Movies and Insane Asylums


A crutch, a mainstay, an effective setting in the right hands: let’s talk about horror movie insane asylums.

Thirteen Lives

‘Thirteen Lives’ is an Immersive and Thrilling Tale


Ron Howard offers a compelling depiction of the 2018 Tham Luang cave rescue.

The Resort Peacock

Genre-Bending Mystery ‘The Resort’ Thrives on Cast Charisma


Cristin Milioti and William Jackson Harper star in The Resort, Peacock’s existential mystery-comedy series from the writer of Palm Springs and the creator of Mr. Robot.

Comic Con Musical Anatomy Of Superhero

Comic-Con Dissects the Musical Anatomy of a Superhero


We attended the 8th Annual Anatomy of a Super Hero Panel and uncovered the multiple pains and stresses facing many modern film composers.

The Gray Man

‘The Gray Man’ is a Forgettable Good Time, and Sometimes That’s More Than Enough


Of course the evil, mustachioed Chris Evans steals the movie.

Beyond Amazing Spider Man Comic Con Museum Spidey

The Comic-Con Museum Celebrates Spider-Man’s 60th Birthday


We wander through the Beyond Amazing Spider-Man exhibit, communing with the artifacts of Ditko, Romita, McFarlane, and Lee.