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Portrait Of A Lady On Fire Script Breakdown

Script to Screen: Visualizing the Turning Point of ‘Portrait of a Lady on Fire’


Getting to know you/Getting to know all about you

Spirited Away

Growing Pains: Names, Autonomy, and the Changing Self in ‘Spirited Away’


A liminal journey through the spirit realm by any other name would smell as sweet…

Terrence Malick A Hidden Life

Chasing Butterflies: Observations on the Visual Style of Terrence Malick


Hope y’all brought your allergy medication because we’re going to be running through some fields.

The Evil Dead Shotgun

Fake Blood and True Grit: How Sam Raimi Made 1981’s ‘The Evil Dead’


Turns out making a splatter film in the dead of winter is a horrorshow in its own right.

Shanghai Express Deitrich Lighting

Glamor From Above: The Simple Majesty of Dietrich Lighting


Lights, camera, Marlene Dietrich.

Basket Case

Separation Anxiety: The Anatomy of the ‘Basket Case’ Trilogy


“What’s in the basket? Easter eggs?”

Tenet Resonances

Visual Rhymes: The Cinematic Resonances of ‘Tenet’


Because no one is a bigger film dork than filmmakers.

Samuel L Jackson Gator Jungle Fever

The Ballad of Gator Purify: Samuel L. Jackson’s Career-Making Performance


Before Jules Winnfield…there was Gator Purify.

Casino Royale Poker Scene

Bluffs, Tells, and Martinis: An Analysis of the ‘Casino Royale’ Poker Scene


Knowledge of how poker works not required.