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Thinking of Ending Things

The So-Bad-It’s-Good Editing of ‘I’m Thinking of Ending Things’


Rules are made to be broken.

Skins Generation Richards

‘Skins’ Generation 3, or how to Ruin a Great TV Show


The British teen drama was riding high for four seasons… and then came the third generation.

Shrek Swamp

Why the ‘Shrek’ Soundtrack is a Masterclass in Music Selection


SomeBODY once told us the ‘Shrek’ soundtrack absolutely rips.

Joe Dante Studio Filmmaking

Joe Dante’s Divine Comedy: Highs and Lows of Studio Filmmaking


Wow, if you leave talented creatives alone, they tend to create good art! Who’d a thunk it?


Through a (Camera Lens) Darkly: The Art of Abstraction in ‘Blow-Up’


Sometimes searching for order in chaos only leads to more disorder. Also smile, you’re on camera.

Pontypool Canadian Horror

The Eerie Auditory Thrills of Broadcast Horror


Get an earful of this subgenre.


‘Audition’ and the Subtle, Devastating Art of Genre Misdirection


* sing us a song you’re the piano wire man *

American Psycho Card Scene

Dueling Fonts: Dissecting the ‘American Psycho’ Business Card Scene


Death by a thousand (paper) cuts.

Who Framed Roger Rabbit

Why the Living Animation in ‘Who Framed Roger Rabbit’ Works So Well


They’re not bad. Quite the opposite. They were drawn to maintain an eye-line.