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The Matrix Slow Motion

How the Special Effect of Slow Motion Works


Here’s a breakdown of how slow motion went from a technological hurdle to an aesthetic choice.

In The Mood For Love World of Wong Kar Wai

How Camera Lenses Affect How We Identify with Characters


Here’s a video essay that looks at the suggestive, subtle psychological qualities of camera lenses.

First Cow

Patience and Perspective: The Gentle Editing of ‘First Cow’


Here’s a video essay that breaks down why the genre-defying softness of ‘First Cow’ permeates its edit.

Mad Max Movie Two Colors

Why Most Movies are Shot with Two Dominant Colors


Remember the orange and teal plague of the 2010s? Good times.

First Reformed darkness

The Decade-Defining Darkness of ‘First Reformed’


Here’s a video essay on why the pride and despair of Paul Schrader’s film defines the latent darkness of the 2010s.

Lord of the Rings Sound Design

The Sound Design of ‘The Lord of the Rings’


Turns out understanding how they designed the screams of the Nazgûl only makes them creepier.

The Night Of The Hunter aesthetics of evil in film

Evil Incarnate: The Aesthetics of On-Screen Villainy


From black hats to psychopaths, here’s how filmmakers choose to represent evil on-screen.

Paprika Degree Rule

What is the 180° Rule, Anyway?


It’s the golden rule of film school and one of the most reliable tools in a cinematographer’s toolkit. So, how does the 180° rule work?

David Fincher Fridges

What’s in the Ice Box? A Love Letter to David Fincher’s Fridges


Fincher is a man of details, so let’s look at one of his most recurring calling cards.