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The Promise Thai Horror

The Weird and Wonderful World of Thai Horror


Here’s an impassioned plea for why you should shake things up and check out the wonderful and terrifying world of Thai horror films.

editing visual effects An American Werewolf In London Transformation

The Humble Cut is the Secret Weapon of Visual Effects


What’s the oldest, cheapest special effect? The answer is just a cut away!

Delia Derbyshire Vinyl The Delian Mode

The Groundbreaking Sound of Delia Derbyshire


If you don’t know who Delia Derbyshire is, you should. Here’s a primer on the unsung heroine of British electronic music.

Office Space Cubicle Movie

The “Cubicle Movie” and How Cinema Reflects Periods of Stability


The 1990s were a carefree time compared to the decades surrounding it. Here’s how the films of 1999 specifically contended with this apparent stability.

The Social Network prophecy

The Endlessly Re-Watchable Prophecy of ‘The Social Network’


It’s been a decade since David Fincher’s less-than-flattering look at Facebook’s founder hit the big screen. Here’s why we can’t stop watching this preview of the apocalypse.

The Idiots Dogme 95

What is Dogme 95, Anyway?


Of all of the cinematic manifestos, Dogme 95 is perhaps the most infamous. Here’s a look at the origin and rules of the “Vows of Chastity.”

Michael Mann's The Keep

Why Michael Mann’s ‘The Keep’ (Accidentally) Nails Dream Logic


Watch an interview with the director on how his 1983 film taps into the logic and frustration of dreams.

Dinosaur Hunters Stallone

The First Feature-Length Mashup is Here to Pit All Your Favorite Action Stars Against Dinosaurs


“What if every Hollywood action star were in one movie?” is the eternal question. ‘Dinosaur Hunters,’ the first feature-length mashup, is the answer.

Blade Runner Eye and camera aperture

The Beginner’s Guide to Camera Aperture


Here’s a look at how filmmakers weaponize camera apertures and what makes them such an essential storytelling tool.