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Ralph Bakshi Lord Of The Rings

An In-Depth History of Ralph Bakshi’s ‘The Lord of the Rings’


Remember when they let the guy who made ‘Fritz the Cat’ adapt ‘The Lord of the Rings’? The ’70s were wild, man.

The Royal Tenenbaums

The Aesthetics of Class in the Films of Wes Anderson


You know what they say: the views are better (and lonlier) above ground.

The Sound Of Music Muted

How “Mute By Default” Social Media Videos Affect Our Viewing Experience


In one of the great paradoxes of cinema history, thanks to social media apps, we’ve returned to silent cinema.

Tony Leung In The Mood For Love

Just One Look: How Tony Leung Acts with His Eyes


The eyes (of Tony Leung) have it.

More American Graffiti

George Lucas’ Wildest Sequel: The Admirable Audacity of ‘More American Graffiti’


No, it’s not the ‘Star Wars’ prequels.

Mon Oncle

The Warm Absurdity of Old vs. New in Jacques Tati’s ‘Mon Oncle’


Reject modernity, embrace slapstick comedy.

My Brilliant Career Australian New Wave

The Beginner’s Guide to the Australian New Wave


From ‘Wake in Firght’ and beyond, mate.

Edward Yang Yi Yi

Edward Yang’s ‘Yi Yi’ and the Cinematic Poetry of Liminal Space


“Why are we afraid of the first time? Every day in life is a first time.”

Moonrise Kingdom Influences

Knowing Nods: Wes Anderson’s Approach to Cinematic Resonance


“I always wished I was an orphan. Most of my favorite characters are.”