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Pink Flamingos

Absolutely Sickening: The Provocative Punk Power of ‘Pink Flamingos’


“Filth is my politics! Filth is my life!”

Texas Switch Stunt Beyond The Pines

An Ode to the Texas Switch: One of Cinema’s Sneakiest Stunts


Ah yes, the old bait and texas switch.

Anamorphic Vs Spherical Lenses

Anamorphic vs. Spherical Camera Lenses: What’s the Difference?


If you’ve ever wanted to know what people mean when fancy film people say “anamorphic” this one’s for you.

Shiny Ball Visual Effects

Why a Giant Shiny Ball is the Unsung Hero of Visual Effects


Also: it would look cute on a Christmas tree.


What Bong Joon-ho Can Teach Us About Transnational Cinema


Time to dig into some film theory.

Backstroke Of The West Star Wars Fan Edit

The Ramifications of Remix Culture: A Brief History of the Fan Edit


The author is dead. Long live the author.

Spider Man Into The Spider Verse animation frame rate

Why a Higher Frame Rate Doesn’t Automatically Make Animation Better


Sometimes less is more.

To Live And Die In La Money

Show Me the (Fake) Money: The Art and Artifice of Prop Currency


(Fake) money makes the cinema world go round.

Tropic Thunder film within a film

Farce and Fiction: What Makes a Great Movie Within a Movie


Why aren’t we calling movies within movies “cinemaception” though?