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Inglourious Basterds Hong Kong Movie Title Translations

Four Different Approaches to Translating a Movie Title


Sometimes getting lost in translation is a good thing.

The Matrix Cinematography And Film Colorist

How Do Cinematographers Work With Colorists? (And Other Questions)


Check out a rapid-fire video essay that unpacks a handful of information, including how to control a shot list and how to shoot without a location visit.

Black Sunday Mario Bava Italian Horror

A Brief (and Bloody) History of Italian Horror


We scream, you scream, we all scream when it comes to Italian horror.

Movie Studio Logos Pixar Wall-E

The Art and Nostalgia of the Film Company Logo


*THX crescendo*

Hard And Soft Worldbuilding

The Difference Between Hard and Soft Worldbuilding


From deeply detailed worlds to imaginative gaps, here’s a video that looks at how filmmakers construct different kinds of narrative depth.

Psycho Victorian Mansion movies

The Haunting Power of the Victorian Mansion


Turns out the scariest thing isn’t just the upkeep.

Daisies feminist

Spoiled in a Spoiled World: The Feminist Chaos of ‘Daisies’


“I’m like a doll, aren’t you? I’m a doll.”

The Exorcist oscar horror movies

The Oscars’ Bias Against Horror Should Scare Us


Because there’s nothing scarier than systemic bias.

Full House yellow TV graphics Title Card

And It Was All Yellow: The Color Theory of TV Graphics


Watch a video essay explaining why old TV shows tended to feature yellow title cards.