Film Festivals

No Mercy

‘No Mercy’ Review: Old School Exploitation in High Heels (Fantasia Fest)


A generic story with some solid action and lots of sleaze.

‘8’ Review: Evil and Desperation Go Hand in Hand (Fantasia 2019)


Fear knows no geographic boundary.

Ff Logo Texture

Fantastic Fest 2019 Brings Taika Waititi, Takashi Miike, and More With Its First Wave Announcement


One of our favorite genre fests returns this September, and Fantastic Fest’s first wave of announced titles has us ready for summer to end.

Door Lock

‘Door Lock’ Review: A Remake Done Right (Fantasia 2019)


A slick remake of the brilliantly twisted ‘Sleep Tight’ that keeps the same core while building its own tale.

Blood On Her Name

‘Blood On Her Name’ Review: Choice, Consequence, and the Slow Burn Between (Fantasia 2019)


The intersection where intention meets result is a deadly one.


‘DreadOut’ Review: A Rare Video Game Movie That Works (Fantasia 2019)


It’s more ‘Silent Hill’ than ‘Resident Evil.’

Little Monsters Review

‘Little Monsters’ Review: A Zom-Com With Hearts Both Beating and Otherwise (Fantasia 2019)


Prepare to fall for both Lupita Nyong’o and Josh Gad… for different reasons, obviously.

Mystery Of The Night

‘Mystery of the Night’ Review: A Morality Play Drawn In Sex, Blood, and Rage (Fantasia 2019)


A beautifully crafted, slow-burn fable mashing together powerful forces like magic, love, and revenge into an animalistic display of passion and punishment.


‘Porno’ Review: A Dick-Rippin’ Good Time (Fantasia 2019)


Horny Christians versus a sex demon from Hell. What could go wrong?