Film Festivals

The Furies

‘The Furies’ Review: A Fresh and Gory Take on the Slasher


Australia delivers the messy goods.

Mutant Blast

‘Mutant Blast’ Review: Like Astron-6 and a Young Peter Jackson Had a Kick-Ass Baby


We all win when French lobsters fight sword-wielding dolphins.

Making Monsters

‘Making Monsters’ Review: Not All Scares Come Naturally


A professional prankster sees his own life turned upside down. Or does he? He does. Unless…

Motherless Brooklyn

‘Motherless Brooklyn’ Review: Edward Norton’s Neo-noir Is Oddly Inert


Come for the nostalgia that stems from Edward Norton voiceovers, stay for the…actually, just buy the soundtrack.

Witches In The Woods

‘Witches In the Woods’ Review: The Woods Are the Least of Your Worries


With friends like these, you are fucked.

Toronto After Dark

East Coast Horror Fans Rejoice! Film Fest Fun Is Hitting Toronto and Brooklyn This Week


Those of you in Toronto and Brooklyn are in for some creepy, chilling, and unsettling fun.

Varda By Agnès

‘Varda by Agnès’ Is a Remarkably Transparent Farewell from One of Cinema’s Greatest Directors


Varda’s self-portrait takes us through her career and the full spectrum of human emotion.

First Cow

Kelly Reichardt and ‘First Cow’ Cast Talk the Movie’s Tender Moments at NYFF Press Conference


The tactics that made this frontier buddy film so heartfelt will make you love the film even more.

Martin Eden

‘Martin Eden’ Review: Poetic Mastery and an Enigmatic Performance


Luca Marinelli brings the Jack London character new life over 100 years after the novel was published.