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Queen Of Hearts

‘Queen of Hearts’ Review: Lust and Poor Choices Make Tragic Bedfellows [Sundance]


A tragic reminder that we’re all capable of destroying the ones we love.

The Sharks

‘The Sharks’ Review: A Beautifully Mesmerizing Coming of Age Tale from Uruguay [Sundance]


The line between bored teenager and budding sociopath is a fine one.

Honey Boy Sundance

‘Honey Boy’ Review: Shia LaBeouf’s Screenwriting Debut Is a Soul-Baring Memoir [Sundance]


The Beef is Mr. The Beef.

Sundance Header

26 Sundance 2019 Movies We Can’t Wait to See


From outlandishly distorted nursery-rhyme antagonists to mothering robots after the apocalypse to Zac Efron as Ted Bundy, Sundance 2019 has a lot to look forward to

Film Festivals

The Movies The Film Festivals of 2018 Told Us to Watch


Already drowning in conversation about the same handful of films for Awards Season?

If Beale Street Could Talk Cover

‘If Beale Street Could Talk’ Review: Barry Jenkins Delivers Another Masterpiece


A dazzling array of colors and beauty bring this tragedy to life.

House That Jack Built

‘The House That Jack Built’ Review: Lars von Trier’s Construction of Violent Delights


Lars von Trier is doing his Lars von Trier shtick again.

The Favourite

‘The Favourite’ Review: Colman, Stone, and Weisz Are a Fantastic Feuding Trio


Comedy and tragedy, history and modernity fuse on New York Film Festival’s opening night

No Featured Image

‘Anna and the Apocalypse’ Review: Pure Genre Joy with a Toe-Tapping Beat


If you’re not smiling during this one, you’re probably an asshole.