Film Festivals


‘Overlord’ Review: War Is Hell


The ‘Saving Private Ryan’ boys take a tour through Herbert West’s laboratory.


Austin Film Festival Celebrates Dia de Los Muertos with Coco Screening and Writer Matthew Aldrich


Revisiting ‘Coco’ a year later and it’s still as powerful as ever.


‘Prey’ Review: A Hungry Lion Goes Dutch for Dinner


The director of ‘Amsterdamned’ and ‘Sint’ returns with more blackly comic carnage.


‘Extracurricular’ Review: Reading, Writing, and Homicidal Impulses


Think ‘Tragedy Girls’ but with far fewer laughs and hashtags.

Tumbbad Wz

‘Tumbbad’ Review: Your New Favorite Dark Fable Has Arrived


This is Indian Folk Horror at its finest.

Peterloo Mike Leigh

‘Peterloo’ Review: A Passionate Remedy for Political Complacency (LFF)


Mike Leigh’s new film is a sincere, belated elegy that successfully brings into the light a dark chapter of British history.

They Shall Not Grow Old Bw Color

‘They Shall Not Grow Old’ Review: Peter Jackson Brings WWI To Life In This Extraordinary Colorized Documentary (LFF)


Far from being a gimmick, the colorization of First World War footage in Peter Jackson’s new documentary restores that moment in history to its proper rawness.

Little Drummer Girl Pugh Skarsgard

‘The Little Drummer Girl’ Review: Park Chan-wook Brings His Signature Style to TV (LFF)


The ‘Oldboy’ director is a surprising choice to direct the latest John le CarrĂ© adaptation, but we think it works.

Disruption At Ace

A Journey Through David Lynch’s Festival of Disruption


David Lynch brings meditation, ideas, rock stars, and a winemaker along with him to Los Angeles’ Ace Theater for two days of the splendid Festival of Disruption.