Film Festivals

Pet Sematary

‘Pet Sematary’ Review: Sometimes, The Original Is Better


The lead performances are greatly improved, but the horror of it all leaves a lot to be desired.

Girl On The Third Floor

‘Girl on the Third Floor’ Review: Bad Behaviors and Bodily Fluids Paint the Walls Sticky


An unsettling and icky descent into a man-made hell.

The Inventor

‘The Inventor: Out for Blood in Silicon Valley’ Review: Alex Gibney Shows Us the Rotten Side of Innovation


Alex Gibney’s latest documentary considers the Silicon Valley mindset through the case of Theranos founder Elizabeth Holmes. Our review.

Boyz In The Wood

‘Boyz In the Wood’ Review: Nature Gets Naughty In The Scottish Highlands


Think ‘Hot Fuzz’ meets ‘Attack the Block’ and you’ll have an idea of the fun in store.


The 20 Movies We Can’t Wait to See at SXSW 2019


We’ve inspected the SXSW 2019 program and these are the 20 movies we are most anticipating.

The Nightingale (movie)

The Cycle of Violence in Jennifer Kent’s ‘The Nightingale’


‘The Nightingale’ is a bloodcurdling example of how violence towards women on screen (when directed by women) can tell a powerful and necessary story.

The Lodge

‘The Lodge’ Review: Some Purgatories Are of Our Own Design


More lead roles for Riley Keough please.

The Report

‘The Report’ Review: A Sharp Political Thriller That Sticks to the Facts [Sundance]


Imagine a prescient political thriller not just made for liberals—one that wants to be understood and taken seriously by all parties, like a politically sober ‘The Post.’

Velvet Buzzsaw Ending

‘Velvet Buzzsaw’ Review: A Toothless Commentary But an Entertaining Horror/Comedy [Sundance]


All art is dangerous, but only some art is moderately entertaining.