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Crank 2: High Voltage Gets Cast Members, Starts Shooting In One Week


Crank 2 kickstarts the adrenaline with new cast members, and they start shooting in one week. If you haven’t seen the original, you’ve got some time. However, once you’ve seen it, it might shave a tick or two off of your heart’s life-expectancy. Then comes this sequel…

Emma Watson is in Love with Napoleon


Emma Watson got the birthday gift of freedom this year. Coming on the heels of her eighteenth birthday this week, Watson secured a starring role in the upcoming Napoleon and Betsy – finally branching out away from the Potter Universe.

Steven Spielberg and George Lucas, BFFs Forever


Movie Gods Steven Spielberg and George Lucas sat down with Entertainment Weekly and gave one hell of an interview. They laugh together, act like an old married couple and get their hands dirty about making Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull.

SAG Interim Pacts Don’t Mean Much


The cold wind you felt brush against you this week probably came from Hollywood instead of the IRS. After all, what’s worse: The fact that you forgot to pay your taxes and will be going to prison with Wesley Snipes forever or that The Screen Actors Guild started their contract negotiations?

You Wouldn’t Like Edward Norton When He’s Angry


wasn’t exactly sure how a few speed bumps in the creative process over at Marvel’s The Incredible Hulk turned into an all-out, shotgun wielding feud between star Edward Norton and the studio heads when I first read about it. Turns out, it was the media’s fault.

‘Antichrist’ to be Shot in Germany


I realize that most of you that read this site will assume that a film titled Antichrist is a Dane Cook biopic, but thankfully, it’s not.

Robert Redford, ESPN Team Up for Jackie Robinson Biopic


Robinson’s story of breaking the color barrier in major league baseball is one of the most legendary stories in this country’s history (sports or otherwise), and now that story – the story of his life – is going to be brought to the big screen with ESPN and Robert Redford producing.

Children of Men Scribe Goes Traveling Through Time Crimes


Timothy J. Sexton, who adapted Children of Men for the screen, is hard at work on the time-traveling thriller Time Crimes from this year’s Sundance Film Festival. Oh, and Logan’s Run. Wake up and smell the scifi.

David DiGilio is Damned


After acquiring the rights to ‘The Damned’ last August, Dreamworks has hired on David DiGilio to write the script.