Twilight Replaces A Pale Chick With An Even Paler Bryce Dallas Howard

By  · Published on July 29th, 2009

Twitards assemble! Summit Entertainment is trying to replace another one of our beloved actors/actresses for an upcoming Twilight sequel. Remember when they tried to sweep the beloved and diminutive Taylor Lautner under the rug and replace his Jacob with someone beefier and hairier? Well prepare to start screaming again…

The target this time is Rachelle Lefevre who plays moody vampirette Victoria in Twilight and the upcoming New Moon. Variety is reporting that she’s encountered “scheduling conflicts” and is being replaced for the currently filming Eclipse! Can you believe it? Do they think we’ll stand for this travesty? And to add insult to injury her replacement is Bryce Dallas Howard? Yuck!

Victoria is a ticking time bomb who finally explodes in a rage-filled fury in Eclipse. She slaughters a multi-cultural cross-section of Seattle citizens to form an undead army of bloodsuckers to rid the world of the bland and boring Bella once and for all. Howard doesn’t have the spunk and gusto necessary to bring this hellion to life. And the worst part about it is she’s nowhere’s near as cute as Lefevre! So start your screaming and yelling now people… save Victoria!

Was I convincing at all?

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