Charlize Theron Risks Sand In Her Bajango For ‘Florence of Arabia’

By  · Published on July 29th, 2009

South African princess Charlize Theron looks to have found yet another project to add to her increasingly busy schedule. She’s recently acquired the screen rights to Christopher Buckley’s novel “Florence of Arabia” about a woman who’s best friend marries an Middle Eastern prince and ends up being executed for renting Not Without My Daughter. Theron will play a State Dept. employee who feels the punishment exceeded the crime and goes on to fight for women’s rights in the male-dominated society.

It’s a satire.

I like Theron quite a bit. Her talented and naked presence in Reindeer Games and Two Days In The Valley helps make both films highly rewatchable. And in addition to this new project she currently has eight other future titles listed on IMDB. My wish though is that she’d focus on one single project… her remake of Chan-wook Park’s Sympathy For Lady Vengeance. Park himself says Theron “gets” the character and I think she’ll do a bang-up job if she’s able to maintain the film’s perfect blend of dark motivations and even darker humor.

Can you think of a titular pun using some variation of Peter, O’Toole, and/or Labia? I couldn’t.

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