Author: Scott Beggs

Scott Beggs

Movie stuff at VanityFair, Thrillist, IndieWire, Film School Rejects, and The Broken Projector [email protected] | Writing short stories at Adventitious.

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The монстры Are Due on Maple Street

Watching Movies (and TV) in the shadow of President TrumpOn Saturday, President Trump evoked “what’s happening last night in Sweden” to add to the pile of reasons why we should be afraid of letting re…

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The Sundance Resistance Against Trump

Watching movies in the shadow of President Trump.The 2017 Sundance Film Festival started under President Obama and ended under President Trump. It also featured hundreds of people using movies to avoi…

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John Lewis and The Americans of Selma

Watching movies in the shadow of President-elect Trump.The man in the picture is on his knees. His back is arched painfully as if refusing to concede to gravity, his tan trench coat crumpling alongsid…

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“Now, Where Was I?”

In early 2007, my friend Tony called to ask if I could cover one of his shifts at work, so I drove down to a construction site near the Home Depot in Playa Vista to fill out forms with his supervisor …