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Scott Beggs

Scott Beggs

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John Lewis and The Americans of Selma

Watching movies in the shadow of President-elect Trump.The man in the picture is on his knees. His back is arched painfully as if refusing to concede to gravity, his tan trench coat crumpling alongsid…


Broken Projector: Westerosi Horror Story

Is Jon Snow really dead? How much stalling will the show need to do to let George R.R. Martin catch up? How good can a blind assassin be? Can you unring a Shame Bell? What armies are even out there …


Broken Projector: The Blockbuster Factories

Is doubling down on blockbuster construction the way to run a modern studio? Whether or not Warners is really going through with that, Geoff and I get into the weeds about what motivates a filmmakin…


Broken Projector: So Much Space For Activities

Batman branding villains, Superman bleeding, a young Donald Trump building a monster to take both of them down. Yes, we’re talking about Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice in this larger-than-normal e…


Broken Projector: Fixing The (2006) Oscars

Oh, movies of 2005, we can’t quit you. This week on the show we will right some wrongs by using ten years’ worth of hindsight in order to reevaluate the movies lauded at the 78th Academy Awards.Joinin…