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Synecdoche, NY is On The Map


It might not have a rocket-propelled man shooting missiles at tanks or a anthropologist hero taking down Nazis with his whip, but Synecdoche, New York deserves all the buzz it can get.

Mike Judge Headed Back to the Office


Few comedians have gotten the shaft like Mike Judge has. Despite producing a ground-breaking cartoon series in “Beavis and Butthead”, creating another that every single human finds funny with “King of the Hill” and becoming the come-from-behind king with Office Space, Judge still gets no respect.

movies of summer 2008 Dark Knight

The 15 Must-See Movies of Summer 2008


Let’s look back on one of the best movie summers ever with this classic preview of big releases of 2008.

Editor’s Blog: The Evolution of TV or: How I Learned to Love Battlestar Galactica


I have always been a public advocate of not watching too much television. Many who know me have heard the phrase “Watching television is unproductive” escape my lips on more than one occasion. And its true, I have always fronted as an anti-TV, pro-Cinema goon who hypocritically owns a nice HDTV and subscribes to HD cable. It is a terrible element of my life, thus I must seek some retribution.

Is James Bond’s Quantum of Solace Cursed?


James Bond’s Quantum of Solace has been plagued by a series of three driving accidents in the past week. Is there a curse on this movie? The press seems to think so.

Deathly Hallows Set for 2010 Release


The good news is that Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows has announced a release date. The bad news is that, after this year’s Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, fans will have to wait two years sans the lightening-scarred sorcerer.

Del Toro Looks Beyond Hellboy 2 to Hellboy 3… And No More


Guillermo del Toro sets his sights on a possible sequel to Hellboy 2: The Golden Army, but will draw the line at any further sequels. Looks like Hellboy will turn into yet another movie trilogy.

Is The Incredible Hulk In Danger of Imminent Floppage?


Recently I was at the movies in a packed house when they showed a trailer for the upcoming The Incredible Hulk. The resulting response from the audience was a collective “Huh?”

Roger Ebert: Film Critic, Historian, and… Blogger?!


Roger Ebert has had a rough time with health issues lately, and while he might be laid up with a broken hip, it hasn’t stopped him from entering the wild and wacky world of blogging.