Video essays.

My First Film

‘My First Film’ is a Cathartic Moviegoing Experience in the Age of Quarantine


Zia Anger’s performed desktop documentary tells the story of her first feature film and invites us to reflect during these times.

Once Upon A Time In Hollywood

A Video Essay Guide to the 92nd Academy Awards


Before you watch the Oscars, watch these video essays to better understand some of this year’s nominees, and remember some great work that went unnominated.

Black Panther

Drawing the Differences Between Art Directors and Production Designers


Designing the world of a film is no easy task. How do these two roles help execute it?

Debra Hill Producer Movies

Debra Hill and the Crucial Role of a Movie Producer


What even is a producer? The short answer: a little bit of everything.

Blair Witch

Creating Fear Using the POV Shot


From the sinister gaze to the found footage genre, POV shots have helped shape the cinematic language of fear.

Aaron Paul Breaking Bad Video Essay

A Video Essay Guide to ‘Breaking Bad’


Before watching El Camino on Netflix, refresh your memory of Jesse Pinkman, Walter White, and the rest of the Breaking Bad gang with these video essays.

The Hateful Eight

How ‘The Hateful Eight’ Turns Limitation Into Brilliance


The release of ‘Once Upon a Time in Hollywood’ means its is time to reflect on Quentin Tarantino’s past work. I think ‘The Hateful Eight’ might be his best.

The Witch Anya Taylor Joy

The Devil is in the Details in Robert Eggers’ ‘The Witch’


Meshing historic milieu with fear of the female body, Eggers incites a horror spectacle with a contemporary reading.

Ford Br

How The Legacy Film Gives New Life to Franchise Cinema


Dan Golding explores a recent trend in which older blockbusters are passed on to a new generation.