Fletcher Peters

Student and writer of film. Frequently enticed by mockumentaries.
Last Black Man In Sf

The Year We Lived in Someone Else’s House

By Fletcher Peters 

From ‘Parasite’ to ‘Jojo Rabbit’, why was squatting a recurring theme in the films of 2019?

Black Panther

Drawing the Differences Between Art Directors and Production Designers

By Fletcher Peters 

Designing the world of a film is no easy task. How do these two roles help execute it?

Alyssa End of the F***ing World

‘The End of the F***ing World’ as a Voice of #MeToo

By Fletcher Peters 

The second season of the Netflix series gives an insightful look at processing emotions and trauma.

American Horror Story Hotel Gaga

Italian Murderess Patrizia Reggiani is the Perfect Role for Lady Gaga

By Fletcher Peters 

Ridley Scott will pair two Italian divas in his latest true crime flick.

Elizabeth Taylor

What a New Biopic Might Teach Us About Elizabeth Taylor’s ‘Special Relationship’ With AIDS Activism

By Fletcher Peters 

Learn about the true story set to be portrayed by Rachel Weisz.

Tall Girl

‘Tall Girl’ Review: A Ridiculous Take on the Teenage Self-Love Narrative

By Fletcher Peters 

You think your life is hard? Try watching ‘Tall Girl.’

Armie Hammer Sorry to Bother You

‘Sorry To Bother You’ and the Terrifying Relevance of Psychopath CEO Steve Lift

By Fletcher Peters 

On the uncanny brilliance of Armie Hammer’s megalomaniacal CEO.


The Comfort of Conflicted Graduates Trying to Move On

By Fletcher Peters 

So, where do we go from here?

Battle At Big Rock

What the Surprise ‘Jurassic World’ Short Could Mean for the Next Film

By Fletcher Peters 

Humans are face to face with dinos in the real world in ‘Battle at Big Rock.’