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Swiss Army Man

The Sound of Silliness: Appreciating the Soundtrack to ‘Swiss Army Man’


Queue the sad rendition of “Cotton Eye Joe.”

Succession Opening Credits

The Family Business: Breaking Down the Opening Credits of ‘Succession’


Yeah, yeah, yeah the music slaps. But what are the opening credits to ‘Succession’ trying to tell us about the show’s main theme?

Interrogation Scenes

Anatomy of an Interrogation Scene


High contrast lighting and over-the-shoulder shots? Must be an interrogation scene.

Jimmy Stewart Villain Roles

An All-American Degenerate: The Times James Stewart Played the Villain


Inside you there are two Jimmy Stewarts: an all-American everyman and a sneering blackhat.

Tarantino Vega Brothers

Imagining the ‘Vega Brothers’ Movie Quentin Tarantino Never Made


This fake trailer’s got F-bombs in spades. By which we mean: Felons, Firearms, and Family.

West Side Story Dance

A Brief History of How Street Dance Influenced the Movie Musical


From “West Side Story’ to ‘In the Heights’ here’s a brief look at the way urban dance informs the modern movie musical.

The Exorcist Iii Jumpscare A

What Makes ‘The Exorcist III’ Jump Scare So Effective


Sometimes the scariest thing in the world is stillness. And giant metal scissors.

Grand Illusion Criterion

The Miraculous Survival of ‘La Grande Illusion’: Jean Renoir vs. The Nazis


If Joseph Goebbels declares your movie “Cinematic Public Enemy No. 1,” then you’re doing something right.

Home Alone

How John Williams Made ‘Home Alone’ Sound Like Christmas


There’s a lot more to composing a banger Christmas soundtrack than sleigh bells.