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A Ghost Story David Lowery Long Take

David Lowery’s Guide to Interesting Long Takes


Sustained shots are best when they’re done for a specific reason. And yes, that includes confronting the inescapable march of time.

James Bond In The Opening Scene Of Thunderball

From Fisticuffs to Spectacle: The Evolution of the James Bond Cold Open


Never underestimate the importance of a well-timed parachute.

Its A Mad Mad Mad Mad World opening credits sequence

The Glorious (and Endangered) Art of the Opening Credits Sequence


Every film deserves a hype man. And what better hype man can you ask for than an opening credits sequence?

First Reformed 4:3 aspect ratio

The Return of 4:3


You know what they say: it’s hip to be square.

Jurassic Park Deus Ex Machina

How to Spot a Deus Ex Machina: The Narrative Trope Explained


Here’s a video essay that explains the narrative device, its strengths, and its weaknesses.

Maria Candelaria golden age of mexican cinema

An Introduction to the Golden Age of Mexican Cinema


Textbooks out, class, it’s time for some international cinema history.

The Green Knight

Time, Mossy Bones, and the Main Theme of ‘The Green Knight’ Explained


Why is he a GREEN knight, anyway? And what was with that really slow, rotating mid-film pan?

Return Of The Living Dead

The Rebellious Existential Comedy of ‘The Return of the Living Dead’


A horror comedy with brrrrrrrraaaaains.


The Movie That Almost Killed Sam Raimi’s Career


As Bruce Campbell himself puts it: ‘Crimewave’ wasn’t released. It escaped.