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Phantom Lady

‘Phantom Lady,’ ‘Sorry, Wrong Number,’ and the Dolly-In Recognition Shot


Be they sinister, or joyous, a dolly-in is a powerful tool.

Tangerine digital cinema

‘Tangerine,’ Realism, and the Double Logic of Digital Cinema


Does digital cinema mean green screens and fully-CGI characters? Or realistic shaky-cam and more accessible filmmaking? (The answer is yes, and yes).

Succession Dinner Scene

The Camera of ‘Succession’ Wants a Seat at the Table


The camerawork in ‘Succesion’ would be deemed “imperfect” in other contexts. Here’s why it serves the show’s narrative without you even knowing it.

Subjective Cinematography Collage Header

DP Rodrigo Prieto on the Creative Thrust of “Subjective Cinematography”


If the camera has a perspective, it’s worth asking whose perspective it belongs to.

Sound Design Bird Call: On Golden Pond Loons

Loony Tunes: A Look At Hollywood’s Favorite Movie Bird Call


Sometimes capturing an eery vibe is more important than accurate migratory patterns.

Succession Rap Music

Unpacking “L to the OG”: How ‘Succession’ Weaponizes Music


“Handmade suits, raking in loot/Five-star general, y’all best salute.”

Equilibrium gun fu

The Birth and the Rise of Gun-Fu


Does punching your gun forward make the bullet hit harder? Who cares, it looks cool.


Consider the Screenshot: Image-Capture and Our Relationship to Movies


Admit it: we all have a folder on our desktop containing a mountain of screengrabs.

North By Northwest Alfred HItchcock James Bond Cary Grant

‘North by Northwest’ is Basically a James Bond Movie as Directed by Alfred Hitchcock


“My name is Thornhill. Roger Thornhill! It’s never been anything else!”