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The Beatles Get Back

‘The Beatles: Get Back’ Epitomizes What’s So Great About Bonus Features


And to be fair, Peter Jackson has been inviting us to peek behind the curtain for years.

The Beast

Satirizing Scandal: The Complicated, Ironic History of 1975’s ‘The Beast’


I mean what was the Catholic Church supposed to do? NOT censor the film about how they love to censor things?

Boogie Nights boom operator

What a Boom Operator Does On a Movie Set


Here comes the boom mic.

Barb And Star Go to Vista Del Mar

Where Have All the Studio Comedies Gone?


(To “Vista Del Mar,” it turns out.)

Cowboy Bebop Blade Runner

‘Cowboy Bebop’, ‘Blade Runner’, and the Ouroboros of Influence


A good deal of modern sci-fi owes a debt to ‘Blade Runner’ … some more than others.

The Hills Have Eyes

Chew on This: The Anatomy of the ‘Hills Have Eyes’ Franchise


Is anyone else feeling … dusty?

Interstellar Christopher Nolan Resurrection

Rebirth and Resurrection in Christopher Nolan Films


All we’re saying is that if you come back from the dead, it’s very important to shout “the prestige!”

Hair Wolf

In Praise of ‘Hair Wolf’: A Short Film About the Horrors of Appropriation


I guess you could say this is a pretty … hairy … situation.

20Th Century Fox Logo

Darryl F. Zanuck and the Rise and Assimilation of 20th Century Fox


From CinemaScope to Murdoch to merging with the House of Mouse.