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Best Comedy Movies When Harry Met Sally

‘When Harry Met Sally’ Finds Humor in Partnership


After 30 years, Harry and Sally are the gold standard as far as rom-com duos are concerned. Their chemistry is a feat of collaboration, both onscreen and off.


‘Cobra’ Would Have Been ‘Beverly Hills Cop’ if Sylvester Stallone Had His Way


Before Eddie Murphy starred in the beloved ‘80s action-comedy, Stallone was set to be the film’s star. Unfortunately, his ego ran rampant and he was fired.

The Way We Were Header

The Politics of Being an Outsider in ‘The Way We Were’


The classic 70s romance wears its heart — and hair — on its sleeve.

Phantom Of The Paradise

Through the Looking Glass in ‘Phantom of the Paradise’


This genre-bending film skillfully engages with mirrors to create a visually stunning metaphor.


The Blind Optimism of ‘Close Encounters of the Third Kind’


Steven Spielberg’s sci-fi masterpiece is visually arresting and emotionally complex.

The Muppet Movie Kermit

All the World’s a Stage in ‘The Muppet Movie’


Jim Henson’s approach to framing his characters makes their first feature-length outing all the more expansive.

Community Modern Warfare Paintball Episode

Community’s Best Bit: The Paintball Episodes


Westerns, action, spy thrillers, and Star Wars all play a part in the Paintball Assassin wars that descend upon Greendale Community College.

Bridesmaids Wiig

‘Bridesmaids,’ Class, and Confronting Idealized Womanhood


We examine how relatability makes this raunchy comedy stand the test of time.

Star Trek

The Underrated Wisdom of ‘Star Trek’ 2009


When is a reboot not a reboot?