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Francis Ford Coppola

The Frustrating Story Behind Francis Ford Coppola’s ‘Megalopolis’


The legendary filmmaker has been trying to bring this project to life for a very long time, but the wait could finally be over.

Screen Shot At Am

‘Carrie’ and the Potential for Horror in Realism


‘Carrie’ doesn’t need much to be terrifying. All it needs is reality.

Stand By Me

‘Stand By Me’ is Stephen King’s Most Personal Confrontation with Death


Sometimes the dead don’t come back wrong. Sometimes they don’t come back at all.

Wet Hot American Summer

How Camp Camaraderie Saved ‘Wet Hot American Summer’


After harsh weather threatened to ruin Wet Hot American Summer, living in close quarters led to the development of strong bonds between the film’s cast and gave the absurdist comedy some unexpected truth.

Kick Ass Shots

‘Kick-Ass’ and How Anyone Can Be a Superhero


You don’t need a superpower to be a superhero.


The Movies Influenced by ‘The Red Shoes’


We highlight eight movies that came on the heels of the Powell and Pressburger classic.


In Praise of Tim Burton’s ‘Batman’ and Ignoring Source Material


Comic book movies have been too obsessed with what is and isn’t canon, and Tim Burton knew that back in ’89.

Iron Giant Friends

The Iron Giant: Heroism Through a Child’s Eyes


After 20 years, the childlike innocence of this animated masterpiece still resonates.

Thelma And Louise Freeze

The Freedom of the Freeze Frame in ‘Thelma & Louise’


Although there were alternate endings, having ‘Thelma & Louise’ end in a freeze frame helps show the film’s theme of freedom.