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Agent Carter

‘Agent Carter’ and the Value of Vulnerability


Peggy Carter is the emotional core of the MCU. Her TV spinoff had just as much heart.

A Face In The Crowd

‘A Face In the Crowd’ and the Unfulfilled Prediction of a Better America


Two demagogues, one fictional and one real, diverged in the wood.

Jane the Virgin

How ‘Jane the Virgin’ Embraces Its Telenovela Legacy


Long lost twins, amnesia, love triangles, and acid attacks. Telenovelas have all the fun.


The Legacy of Terrence Malick’s ‘Badlands’


The movies, music, books, and other things we wouldn’t have if not for Terrence Malick’s debut.

Trueromance X

How Tony Scott Gave ‘True Romance’ Its Happily Ever After


If the movie was left in Quentin Tarantino’s hands, it would have been a bleak affair. Fortunately for us, Scott accentuated the story’s heartfelt qualities and made it even better.

Harry Potter And The Half Blood Prince

How Humor and Dread Go Hand-in-Hand in ‘Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince’


The sixth installment of ‘Harry Potter’ goes evocative in the adaptation process, distilling poignant themes from its richly detailed source material into a powerful cinematic experience.

The Wire Pilot

This America, Man: Institutional Failure and The Pilot Episode of ‘The Wire’


Forging a new era of America television drama, David Simon’s Drug War epic still resonates almost two decades later.

Coraline Hidden Door

The Terrors of Family Ties in ‘Coraline’


A look back at Laika’s dark and captivating first feature.

Tom Hanks Big

The Influence of ‘Big’


‘Shazam!’ and ‘Little’ aren’t the first things spawned from the 1988 Tom Hanks comedy, and they’re likely not the last.