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phone calls in movies Die Hard Cropped

Phone Calls in Movies: How Remote Communication Can Enhance a Scene


Watch two video essays analyzing how phone calls, texting, and video calls can be used creatively in modern media.

The Social Network prophecy

‘The Social Network’ Sequel Will Address Facebook’s Recent Scandals


This is one sequel that could be necessary and relevant.

Netflix Animation

David Fincher and Tim Miller Partner on an Animated Anthology Series for Netflix


That’s great, but only if we finally get their adaptation of ‘The Goon.’

Dragon Tattoo

33 Things We Learned from David Fincher’s ‘The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo’ Commentary


“I have nothing against Ikea.”


Watch ‘Halloween,’ Then Watch These Movies


We recommend 12 movies to seek out after you see David Gordon Green’s new horror sequel.

Se7en Ending

The Thrilling Parallels Between Detective Somerset and John Doe in ‘Se7en’


How can the good guy and bad guy be so similar?

Alien Rivera Art

Before The Snyder Cut, There Was William Gibson’s ‘Alien 3’ — And Now It’s Back


Before David Fincher murdered Hicks and Newt offscreen, the sci-fi genius behind Neuromancer imagined the ultimate Aliens sequel.

Game Night

David Fincher: Often Imitated, Never Duplicated


Some recent films illustrate the difference between taking inspiration from one of the greats and ripping him off.

Fan Jonathangroff Mindhunter

A True Crime Junkie’s Guide to Upcoming Movie and TV Projects


From Netflix to Tarantino, there’s a lot on the horizon to satisfy your true crime cravings.