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‘Social Network’ Will Poke Us in October


Exclusive: We Crack ‘Ninja Turtles’ Co-Creator Kevin Eastman’s Shell


Keavin Eastman sits down with our very own Adam Sweeney to discuss sharing the Ninja Turtles with his own son, geek out a bit about Casey Jones, and gives us a stellar update about the Heavy Metal adaptation he’s producing.

‘Oldboy’ Remake May Be In the Hands of Steven Spielberg and Will Smith


Steven Spielberg is apparently in the process of acquiring the remake rights for Dreamworks, in the hopes of directing the film with Will Smith as the star.

31 Days of Horror: Seven


A rain drenched city of sin sets the stage for a serial killer with a message and the two cops tasked with stopping him.

Frank Miller In Talks To Direct The Massive Mayhem of Hard Boiled


Frank Miller wants to follow up The Spirit by directing his 1990 comic book project Hard Boiled, which features some of the most beautiful scenes of destruction you’ve ever seen. With fanboys still waiting for a finished version of The Spirit, any ideas how this will turn out?