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The Matrix Cinematography And Film Colorist

How Do Cinematographers Work With Colorists? (And Other Questions)


Check out a rapid-fire video essay that unpacks a handful of information, including how to control a shot list and how to shoot without a location visit.

Best Final Shots Ever Static Header

The 75 Best Final Shots in Movie History


Here’s lookin’ at you, beautiful final shots.

True Grit Chiaroscuro film lighting

Shadow Play: The Art and History of Cinematic Chiaroscuro


There’s a reason chiaroscuro lighting has been around for hundreds of years. It’s effective and dynamic, and it tells a story.

Wandavision Jess Hall Cinematography

How They Shot ‘WandaVision’ with One Camera and 47 Lenses


We chat with cinematographer Jess Hall about the process of duplicating seven television eras for the Marvel series.

The Matrix Slow Motion

How the Special Effect of Slow Motion Works


Here’s a breakdown of how slow motion went from a technological hurdle to an aesthetic choice.

In The Mood For Love World of Wong Kar Wai

How Camera Lenses Affect How We Identify with Characters


Here’s a video essay that looks at the suggestive, subtle psychological qualities of camera lenses.

Jeff Cronenweth Perfect Shots

From ‘Fight Club’ to ‘Gone Girl’: Jeff Cronenweth’s Five Perfect Shots


We select the five perfect shots that best represent this cinematographer’s eclectic career.

Paprika Degree Rule

What is the 180° Rule, Anyway?


It’s the golden rule of film school and one of the most reliable tools in a cinematographer’s toolkit. So, how does the 180° rule work?

Video Game Camera

How Video Game Cameras are Changing Cinematography


Movies have had an immense effect on how video games look, but that balance is beginning to shift.