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One Night In Miami

Cinematographer Tami Reiker Explains Why the Camera Floats in ‘One Night in Miami’


We chat with the cinematographer about her jib-arm camera system and how a DC Comics villain inspired her new film’s look.

Russian Ark long take

How They Shot ‘Russian Ark’ in One Take With No Hidden Cuts


“In hindsight, it couldn’t have worked. But it did.” – producer Jens Meurer

Jurassic Park Cinematography and framing

‘Jurassic Park’ and the Narrative Power of Scale


Sometimes size does matter.

Mad Men ending first and Final Shots

The Power of Bookends: The First and Final Frames of Popular TV Series


Good bookends really tie a series together.

Denis Villeneuve Blade Runner Shallow Focus

How Denis Villeneuve Uses Shallow Focus To Make Us Squirm


What’s that in the background? Ah yes, mounting dread.

Best James Bond Shots

The 50 Most Beautiful Shots of the James Bond Franchise

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When Bond makes a shot, he doesn’t miss.

Michael Watson Lovecraft Country

Michael Watson Relies on Horsepower to Shoot ‘Lovecraft Country’


We chat with the ‘Lovecraft Country’ cinematographer Michael Watson about how he rooted his frame in history while never betraying the fantastical elements of the series.

Jonathan Freeman Defending Jacob

Jonathan Freeman Explains the Craft of Intimacy in ‘Defending Jacob’


We chat with cinematographer Jonathan Freeman about how he manipulated distance literally and metaphorically for the new Apple TV+ series ‘Defending Jacob.’

She Dies Tomorrow Jay Keitel Spells

Jay Keitel Shaped Amy Seimetz’s Dread into Action in ‘She Dies Tomorrow’


We chat with cinematographer Jay Keitel about the playful variety of cameras used to capture anxiety in ‘She Dies Tomorrow.’