Filmmaking element.

Terrence Malick A Hidden Life

Chasing Butterflies: Observations on the Visual Style of Terrence Malick


Hope y’all brought your allergy medication because we’re going to be running through some fields.

Shanghai Express Deitrich Lighting

Glamor From Above: The Simple Majesty of Dietrich Lighting


Lights, camera, Marlene Dietrich.

Anamorphic Vs Spherical Lenses

Anamorphic vs. Spherical Camera Lenses: What’s the Difference?


If you’ve ever wanted to know what people mean when fancy film people say “anamorphic” this one’s for you.

Star Wars Shots Header Collage

The 50 Most Beautiful Shots of The Star Wars Franchise


From A New Hope to The Mandalorian, these are the live-action Star Wars cinematic universe’s most perfect frames.

Death Becomes Her Moving Master Shot

What Robert Zemeckis Can Teach Us About the Moving Master Shot


Want to get a lot of coverage with fewer set-ups? Consider opting for a moving master.

Cinematographer PJ Dillon The Falcon And The Winter Soldier

Cinematography and Iconography in ‘The Falcon and the Winter Soldier’


We chat with the show’s director of photography, P.J. Dillon, about how he shot the shield and looking forward to another season.

The Shining Pov Shot

Watching and Being Watched: The Narrative Power of the POV Shot


A little perspective never hurt anybody.

The Matrix Cinematography And Film Colorist

How Do Cinematographers Work With Colorists? (And Other Questions)


Check out a rapid-fire video essay that unpacks a handful of information, including how to control a shot list and how to shoot without a location visit.

Best Final Shots Ever Static Header

The 75 Best Final Shots in Movie History


Here’s lookin’ at you, beautiful final shots.