Filmmaking element.

Insecure Ava Berkofsky

Ava Berkofsky Discusses the Evolution of Self and Style in ‘Insecure’


We chat with the Emmy-nominated cinematographer about blending the emotions of her characters with her locations.

Vertical Cinema Damien Chazelle

The Vertical Cinematography of Damien Chazelle’s ‘The Stunt Double’


Sure, you’d watch a film shot on an iPhone, but what if it were shot vertically?

Ollie Downey Hanna Season Two

Ollie Downey Explains How a DP Slides into the Second Season of ‘Hanna’


We chat with the cinematographer about building a visual language for the second season of ‘Hanna’ without betraying the first season.

Little Fires Everywhere Trailer Screenshot

Trevor Forrest Describes How He Transformed L.A. into Ohio for ‘Little Fires Everywhere’


We chat with the cinematographer about the lenses required to masquerade the very warm West Coast for the treacherously cold East Coast.

To The Stars Press

Martha Stephens on Shooting ‘To the Stars’ Simultaneously in Black and White and Color


We chat with the director about why she chose the impossible task of shooting two versions of her film.

Lost In Space Season Screenshot

DP Sam McCurdy on Bringing Noir to ‘Game of Thrones’ and ‘Lost In Space’


We chat with the cinematographer about the lovely landscape of darkness needed to bring big screen art to the small screen.

Tales From The Loop Screenshot

DP Jeff Cronenweth on Selecting the Tools to Shoot ‘Tales from the Loop’


We chat with the cinematographer about how determining color and focus are essential to achieving narrative.

Invisible Man Voyeurism

The Effect of the Voyeur Camerawork in ‘The Invisible Man’


Focusing on empty spaces and positioning frames from outside a scene amplifies this terrifying tale of being watched.

Punch Drunk Love

The Perfection of the Date Scene in ‘Punch-Drunk Love’


Paul Thomas Anderson’s masterpiece is both romantic and rageful.