Filmmaking element.

P D Nef

A Conversation with ‘Papillon’ Cinematographer Hagen Bogdanski


Bogdanski blazes a new ‘Papillon’ trail and gives some insight on the work of a cinematographer.

First Reformed Hawke Seyfried

The Visual Austerity of ‘First Reformed’


Just like the transcendental movies Paul Schrader first wrote about 46 years ago, ‘First Reformed’ is shot in a restrained manner designed to open up space for the spiritual.

Dean Cundey Cameo

The 25 Most Beautiful Dean Cundey Shots


A celebration of one of Hollywood’s most prolific cinematographers.

Contagion Cinematography

The Infectious Cinematography of ‘Contagion’


Cinematography is a character in ‘Contagion,’ and an acutely germaphobic one at that.

Sh Lg

‘Generation Wealth’ Cinematographer Shana Hagan on How Cinematography Requires Human Connection


We talk to her about the intimate process of documentary filmmaking, her experience on set for ‘Won’t You Be My Neighbor?’ and more.

Busby Berkeley

A Beginner’s Guide to Busby Berkeley


His set-pieces are legend, his showgirls are legion: here’s your crash course in the master of Hollywood escapism.

How To Talk To Girls At Parties

Frank G. DeMarco on Capturing Punk Rock Grit in ‘How To Talk To Girls At Parties’


We chat with the cinematographer behind John Cameron Mitchell’s latest phantasmagorical punk rock fable.

True Grit

Roger Deakins Is Bullish on the Future of Digital Cinematography


Where Janusz Kaminski was concerned about losing himself, Deakins is ever the pragmatist.

Breaking Bad Pov Clipboard

How ‘Breaking Bad’ Turns the Camera into a Character


An ode to the show’s brilliant POV shots.