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Never Look Away cinematography

The Cinematography of ‘Never Look Away’


For Oscar nominee Caleb Deschanel, cinematography is the simple art of storytelling. Learn the skill, study the skill, and let emotion take control.

A Star Is Born Bradley Cooper Lady Gaga

The Cinematography of ‘A Star is Born’


Academy Award nominated cinematographer Matthew Libatique shares his experiences working with Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga and capturing a once in a lifetime opportunity.

Oscar Banner

The Academy is Wrong


Filmmakers begin to speak out against The Academy’s decision to relegate four awards to commercial breaks and the message is the clear: this is wrong.

Gonzalo Ep Mar

Exploring ‘The Man in the High Castle’ with Cinematographer Gonzalo Amat


We talk in depth about how your favorite scenes from the third season were shot and how the cinematography changed with the addition of more science fiction elements.

Sergei Eisenstein

6 Filmmaking Tips from Sergei Eisenstein


The legendary filmmaker behind ‘Battleship Potemkin’ talks inspiration, innovation, and the key to great cinematography.


The Narrative Immersion of the Tracking Shot


Watch this video essay that demonstrates how tracking shots take audiences into and through a film along with the characters.

Birdman Over The Shoulder

The Narrative Benefits of the Long Take


Watch this video essay about a cinematography technique keeps you engaged with your setting, characters, and plot by keeping entire scenes uninterrupted by cuts.

Moonrise Centered

The Enhancing Nature of the Lens Plot


Watch this video essay about a cinematography technique that draws viewers deeper into the story.

Bad Times Chris Hemsworth Field

Seamus McGarvey on Executing the Photogenic Signatures of ‘Bad Times at the El Royale’


We chat with the cinematographer about his collaboration with Drew Goddard and the influences that fed the energetic neon-noir.