Hold Your Breath: The Best Action Scenes of 2017

By  · Published on December 7th, 2017

Watch and try to remember to inhale sometimes.

We’ve shown you the best movies of the year in video form and we’ve shown you the best trailer mashup out of the hordes coming from YouTube. Now we’ve got the best action scenes. Same format, different flavor.

Sergey Nizhnik’s exhilarating supercut compilation puts the gunfights, car chases, and foot races to pulse-pounding music. There’s such precision (and surprising similarity between film sequences) that there’s hardly time to breathe.

Action has the advantage, like dance, of being highly choreographed and thus very noticeably affected by editing. That lets us play around with the scenes and blend them with others, finding trends in martial art combat or car-driving shots that could be used to compile a time capsule of action.

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