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Jacob Oller writes everywhere (Vanity Fair, The Guardian, Playboy, FSR, Paste, etc.) about everything that matters (film, TV, video games, memes, life).


The Sweetness of Curiosity in ‘OK Google’

Our tech overlords can have cute relationships with children. The hand-drawn style of OK Google is a perfect emulation of its content. It is a short film driven by curiosity and childlike wonder, thu…

stanwyck Barbara Ball Of Fire

Goodness Gracious: Plot in ‘Ball of Fire’

Story and character balance in this Hawks gem. Howard Hawks’ 1941 Ball of Fire looks the director’s strengths in the eye and says “why not both?” Hawks can craft an easy-going conversation with plent…

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The Great Sounds of ‘Bad Timing’

A protagonist defined more by her noises than her appearance. Director Nicolas Roeg’s Bad Timing features a performance by Theresa Russell that is defined in large part through her voice. Co-starring…