Run Lola Run jump cut

Jump On It: Exploring the Narrative Potential of the Jump Cut


From special effects to montage, to pure, unbridled style, here’s a brief introduction to the many uses of the jump cut.

Inglorious Basterds editing natural

What Makes a Cut “Feel Right”?


And what even is a “natural” edit, anyway?

North By Northwest Editing

Lessons in Editing: When Not to Cut


Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand…wait for it….cut!

Widows Viola Davis Steve Mcqueen

A Conversation with Two Maestros: ‘Widows’ Composer Hans Zimmer and Editor Joe Walker


Two artists talk about working with Steve McQueen, the original Widows, and creating a heist-film.

First Reformed Hawke Seyfried

The Visual Austerity of ‘First Reformed’


Just like the transcendental movies Paul Schrader first wrote about 46 years ago, ‘First Reformed’ is shot in a restrained manner designed to open up space for the spiritual.

Big Little Lies Finale Look Galore

The Biased Editing of ‘Big Little Lies’


Watch a video essay about how brilliant editing can transform our viewing experience.

Jurassic Park Tim

The Ever-Changing Aspect Ratios of the Jurassic Park Franchise


Aspect ratios killed the dino-awe.

I Tonya

Editing Tonya’s Trauma: An Interview with Tatiana Riegel


An interview with Tatiana Riegel, editor of I, Tonya.

Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind Joel Clem

How Editing Shapes Story in ‘Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind’


Watch a video essay about the importance of editing in Michel Gondry’s masterwork.