Madison Brek

Enjoys watching sunrises and sunsets, but prefers watching the Richard Linklater trilogy.
Night Moves Gene Hackman

‘Night Moves’ and Film Noir Masculinity

By Madison Brek 

Gene Hackman’s Harry Moseby is a character navigating the neo-noir landscape as a different kind of man.

Pta And Jonny

Paul Thomas Anderson, Jonny Greenwood and the Creative Partnership of the Decade

By Madison Brek 

How two of today’s most important artists found each other and created three defining works of the 2010s.

Blue Velvet Jeffrey Closet

‘Blue Velvet’ and the Blinding Light of Love

By Madison Brek 

On trauma and sincerity in David Lynch’s 1986 film.

Vincent Donofrio Westerns

Talking Westerns and Perfect Shots with Vincent D’Onofrio

By Madison Brek 

The legendary actor discusses the origins of his new film ‘The Kid’ and working with both longtime collaborators and new faces.

Cold War Zula Wiktor

The Cinematography of ‘Cold War’

By Madison Brek 

Oscar-nominated DP Lukasz Żal discusses his aesthetic influences, stylistic choices, and the intimate nature of working on such a personal film.

Dakota Johnson Suspiria

‘Suspiria,’ ‘Rosemary’s Baby,’ and the Two Types of Body Horror

By Madison Brek 

A look at women’s bodies, the patriarchy, and villainy in two horror masterpieces.

Update The Lists Wes Anderson Music Moments

25 Magical Pop Music Moments in Wes Anderson Films

By Madison Brek 

A tribute to some perfect soundtracks.

In A Lonely Place Bogart Grahame

Love and Murder ‘In a Lonely Place’

By Madison Brek 

How Nicholas Ray’s 1950 film blends the two to elevate film noir.

John Cazale Dog Day Afternoon

John Cazale’s Unparalleled Cinematic Legacy

By Madison Brek 

The character actor only appeared in 5 movies before his death at age 42, but every single one was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Picture.