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‘Tag’ Trailer: Will These Man-Children Get Their Comeuppance?

By Benedict Seal 

You’re it!

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Amma Asante is Hitting the Big Leagues with a Cold War Thriller

By Benedict Seal 

The British director is a thoughtful pick for this real-life drama.


Spike Lee is Making a Superhero Joint With ‘Nightwatch’

By Benedict Seal 

Sony is stepping up their superhero game with a huge directorial coup.


Guillermo del Toro is Looking Out For the Next Generation of Mexican Oscar Winners

By Benedict Seal 

Mexico’s recent dominance of the Best Director category looks set to continue.

Black Panther United Nations

‘Black Panther’ is Officially the First Best Picture Contender of 2018

By Benedict Seal 

Could a superhero movie actually go the distance this year?

Dr No James Bond directors

Ranking the Directors of the James Bond Franchise

By Benedict Seal 

From journeymen to auteurs, we rank the 007 helmers.

Mama Jessica Chastain

Muschietti’s Muse: Jessica Chastain in ‘Mama’

By Benedict Seal 

Jessica Chastain would make a great final woman in ‘IT: Chapter Two.’

Netflix The Cloverfield Paradox

Where Does ‘Cloverfield’ Go From Here?

By Benedict Seal 

After The Cloverfield Paradox’s unprecedented release, a look at where the franchise can go from here with its marketing and distribution.

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There Should Always be 10 Best Picture Nominees

By Benedict Seal 

The Academy still gets it wrong sometimes.