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Reeves Not Interested in a Second ‘Constantine’

By Scott Beggs 

The whispers of a sequel have been floating around, fueled by director Francis Lawrence claiming in an interview that a second Constantine might be an origin story or a continuation. But Keanu has something different to say.

Brush Up on Batman Before The Dark Knight Hits

By Scott Beggs 

So The Dark Knight is only 113 days away, and you don’t know your Carmine Falcone from your Selena Kyle. Should you be publicly and humiliatingly punished? Probably, but the folks over at ComicMix have paid your bail by creating a really cool list of the ‘Batman’ comics you’ll need to brush up on before heading to the box office.

Jason Reitman to Tackle Corporations in Novel Adaptation

By Scott Beggs 

I wish I had one more rhyme for the title of this post to mirror the genius that looms on horizon for Jason Reitman fans. The Juno director told MTV Movies Blog that he’ll be writing a new film to helm at the end of the year – after his duties on Jennifer’s Body.

Jennifer’s Body: Megan Fox and Amanda Seyfried to Fight in their Undies

By Scott Beggs 

To balance out the severity of his new dramatic subject matter of his next film, Jason Reitman evoked the image of “Megan Fox and Amanda Seyfried getting into a fight in their underwear” that will be featured once Body starts filming in three weeks.

Arthur C. Clarke Dead at 90

By Scott Beggs 

The world lost a creative genius, a moving storyteller, and one of the Big Three of sci-fi today.

Confirmed: Jason Reitman Directing ‘Pierre Pierre’

By Scott Beggs 

Sources have confirmed the next project from the Juno director.

Movie Review: 10,000 BC

By Scott Beggs 

This film is old-fashioned epic storytelling, complete with a narrator (the legendary Omar Sharif) and all the trappings that come along with magical realism.

Oscar Week: Best Feature Length Documentary

By Scott Beggs 

The award for Best Documentary Feature is not always the most glamorous, the nominees aren’t usually well known (or known at all), but the category is the one of the most prestigious.

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Portman ‘Frustrated’ by Lack of Strong Female Roles

By Scott Beggs 

As it turns out, Hollywood is still a male-dominated business.