H. Perry Horton

Novelist, Screenwriter, Video Essayist

The White Walkers: Who They Are and What They Represent

By H. Perry Horton 

A character study of the chillest dudes on TV.

‘Twin Peaks: The Return’ Episode 14 – “We Are Like the Dreamer”

By H. Perry Horton 

An episode of connections.

Short of the Day: ‘3-Way (Not Calling)’ Attempts Sexual Escapades with Hilarious Results

By H. Perry Horton 

A raunchy, raucous comedy.

Mad Max Fury Road

Eye of the Sandstorm: The Ultimate Video Essay Guide to ‘Mad Max: Fury Road’

By H. Perry Horton 

Everything you ever wanted to know and more.

Game of Homage: Recreating the Epic ‘GoT’ Dragon Battle with Other Media

By H. Perry Horton 

A mashup tribute to the year’s most explosive TV episode.

Short of the Day: ‘The Collectors’ Goes to Creepy Lengths for Confounding Chills

By H. Perry Horton 

No color, no dialogue, no cuts; all tension.

Twin Peaks

Golden: Silence, Stillness, and Suspense in ‘Twin Peaks’

By H. Perry Horton 

How Lynch shows more by showing nothing.

Dazed And Confused hangout film

Making Something Out of Nothing: How Richard Linklater Makes Mundanity Exciting

By H. Perry Horton 

Just hangin’ out is never just hangin’ out.

Short of the Day: Elvis, Marilyn, Godzilla, Aliens, and Rockabilly – This is ‘Scary Prairie’

By H. Perry Horton 

An animated fable of insane proportions.