H. Perry Horton

Novelist, Screenwriter, Video Essayist

The Shape of You: The Neon Geometry of Nicolas Winding Refn

By H. Perry Horton 

Balancing chaos with order.

Apparate! Teleport into the Potterverse with the Franchise’s Best Cinematography

By H. Perry Horton 

A supercut that casts a spell on you.

Short of the Day: You Need to See Jim Carrey in a New Light. This Doc Will Help.

By H. Perry Horton 

A portrait of the actor as an artist.

Framed: The Influence of Artist Edward Hopper on Contemporary Cinema

By H. Perry Horton 

A supercut of homage and interpretation.

Angry Men Knife

The Perfect Crime: The Dynamic Staging of ’12 Angry Men’

By H. Perry Horton 

OR how to make a stage-play movie that isn’t static.

Short of the Day: Laura Dern’s Big Year Continues in Feminist Western ‘The Good Time Girls’

By H. Perry Horton 

Everything the actress touches in 2017 is solid gold.

‘The Thing Rides West:’ A Hypothetical Horror-Sci-Fi-Western from Quentin Tarantino

By H. Perry Horton 

‘The Thing’ and ‘The Hateful Eight’ collide.

‘Twin Peaks: The Return’ Episode 13: What Story is That, Charlie?

By H. Perry Horton 

What exactly is happening when exactly?

Short of the Day: ‘The Sunshine Boy’ Reveals the Blindness Caused by a Mother’s Love

By H. Perry Horton 

Evil’s origins hit close to home.