H. Perry Horton

Novelist, Screenwriter, Video Essayist

Lensing Perspective: Crafting Subjectivity with the Camera

By H. Perry Horton 

A POV primer.

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It Can Happen Here: A History of Power-Mad Politicians in Film and TV

By H. Perry Horton 

There’s never been a better (or worse) time for this video essay.

Short of the Day: A Slice of ‘Twin Peaks’ Lore in ‘The Summer House at Pearl Lakes’

By H. Perry Horton 

Fresh from this year’s Twin Peaks Festival.

Kind of Blue: Michael Mann’s Favorite Color

By H. Perry Horton 

A single shade but a spectrum of meanings.

“Shitty Pipe Dreams:” Mind-Blowing, Hidden Clues in Your Favorite Movies

By H. Perry Horton 

A post chock-full of spoilers you should already know.

Short of the Day: Sandman Finally Gets a (Fan-Made) Movie

By H. Perry Horton 

Based on the story “24 Hours.”

Happy Accidents: Bloopers So Good They Made the Final Cut

By H. Perry Horton 

Don’t give Kurt Russell your antiques.

Short of the Day: ‘Fetch’ is a Delightful Animated Twist on Little Red Riding Hood

By H. Perry Horton 

A reworked fairy tale in less than two minutes.

Why Dumb Decisions are Smart Moves in Horror Films

By H. Perry Horton 

Using Jeremy Saulnier’s ‘Green Room’ as an example.