Short of the Day: ‘Fetch’ is a Delightful Animated Twist on Little Red Riding Hood

A reworked fairy tale in less than two minutes.
By  · Published on August 1st, 2017

A reworked fairy tale in less than two minutes.

“Little Red Riding Hood” is a story that’s been told to children for more than a thousand years. It has its origins in 10th-century Europe and has undergone innumerable adaptations by everyone from The Brothers Grimm to David Slade (Hard Candy). The latest take, Fetch, is a two-minute 3D, CG-animated film directed by Francois Gilliot and produced by Francois Beaune with a decidedly playful twist on the famous tale.

Our heroine, as usual, is on her way to Grandmother’s house and finds herself alone in a deep, dark wood. There, she stumbles upon a sleeping wolf. She manages to sneak around it, but just when she’s in the clear, SNAP! She steps on a twig which awakens the big-bad, and the pursuit begins.

Fetch is just good fun. The animation, like the story, is lively and vibrant, and the twist Gilliot applies is fun if a bit predictable. If you have kids, gather them round the computer to watch with you; Fetch is for the whole family.

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