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Culture Warrior: Watchmen and the Epic Running Time


This week, Landon explores the world of long movies. Really long movies.

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7 Things the Uninitiated Should Know Before Seeing ‘Watchmen’


We tow the line between spoiling everything (we don’t spoil anything) and educating (just some slight preparation) in order to give a decent look at what to expect from a film based on a book that you might not have read yet.

From Development Hell: A Brief Look at Watchmen’s Long Journey to the Screen


In 1986, “Watchmen” was published as a limited series comic book. Twenty-three years later, it’s finally being released as a film. Here’s a look at what it took to get here.

WonderCon 2009: One Update to Ruin Them All


I attended WonderCon this past weekend here in San Francisco, and I’m obligated to write up some kind of recap. This normally isn’t such a problem…

As If You Didn’t Know: We’re Launching Watchmen Week


Strap yourselves in for a week’s worth of Watchmen features that will prove we’re geeking out just as much as you are. And we’ve got video to prove it.

Zack Snyder Wants To ‘Sucker Punch’ A Mormon


Which we suppose is better than wanting to donkey punch a Scientologist.

Cinema Sleuth: Fox and the Case of the Outraged Fans


A lot of movie fans hate Fox. There’s no question of that. We even know why. Now the question is whether or not that hatred is justified. Cinema Sleuth is on the case!

Watchmen Watch: Fox and Warners Settle


Fox is getting a ton of money, but we have yet to know exactly how well the company will cash in on the decision to pass on the project. The bottom line: Watchmen comes out on time. Just as expected.

Some Common Sense About the Watchmen Lawsuit


Let’s all calm down. There’s only a few ways this whole legal battle can turn out, and they all work in favor of the fans.