Author: Landon Palmer

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The Limited Imagination of The Oscars

An exploration of film acting and how the Oscars might need to look at things differently in the future.In the third section of Barry Jenkins’s Moonlight, Trevante Rhodes’s introductory moments onscre…

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Discovering David Bowie Through Movies

There is no wrong way or wrong time to enter the career of David Bowie. Of the many personae and identities he produced over his nearly fifty-year career, there are certainly some canonized iterations…

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The Darkness of Steven Spielberg

Within the logo of Amblin Entertainment lies one of Steven Spielberg’s most iconic images: a boy flying on a bicycle with a shrouded extraterrestrial friend in tow. This image also provides a fitting …

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6 Filmmaking Tips from Satyajit Ray

“Young Satyajit Ray” by Unknown, From the book of Sandip Ray Ray’s Ravi Shankar.A few years ago, I had the pleasure of introducing a 16mm screening of Pather Panchali. Though I had seen the film befor…