As If You Didn’t Know: We’re Launching Watchmen Week

Strap yourselves in for a week’s worth of Watchmen features that will prove we’re geeking out just as much as you are. And we’ve got video to prove it.
By  · Published on March 2nd, 2009

Everyone said that we were fools. Everyone said that adapting a film that’s adapted from a world-famous comic book into a film website feature was impossible. Everyone said that we were high on paint thinner for even thinking about it. Well, they were only 1/3 right.

This Friday, a film project that has crawled its way out of development hell in the marathon time of just over two decades will finally hit screens across the nation. For fans, it will be a transcendent moment. For people who’ve never read or heard of the graphic novel, it will probably seem incredibly strange. But it will no doubt make a major impact.

For the next week, leading up to the release, Film School Rejects will be launching a healthy amount of features focused squarely on the super hero satire. We’ve got some sweet junket coverage (that Warners dragged us to), an in-depth look at the development history the film, some cool videos, sweet exclusive content, and a few other comic-book-centric features to whet your appetite for the flick.

Of course, this will all be topped off at midnight by the film’s opening where freaks and rejects of all kind dressed in trench coats will descend upon theaters to finally feast their eyes and ears on a movie that’s kept us on the edge of our theater seats.

To follow along, check out our Watching the Watchmen homepage.

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