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Requiem For A Dream Score

Why Clint Mansell’s ‘Requiem for a Dream’ Score Gets Under Your Skin


Musical motifs are one hell of a drug. Also, drugs are one hell of a drug.

Moonrise Kingdom Wes Anderson Symmetry

How Wes Anderson’s Symmetry Extends to Editing


Perfectly balanced, as all things should be.

Spider Man No Way Home Ending

So Long Spandex: Unravelling the CGI Modern Superhero Suit


Insidious? Artful? You decide!

Best Movies 2021: Drive My Car

‘Drive My Car’ and ‘Uncle Vanya’: How Intertextuality Enriches a Film


Beep beep! It’s time to talk about intertextuality!

Batman Gotham

Which ‘Batman’ Film Had the Best Gotham?


Your answer may vary depending on your love of German Expressionism.

Studio Laika: Kubo And The Strings

How Studio Laika Seeds Their Stories with Invisible Labor


Ah yes, the unseen magical realm to just-out-of-frame animators pipeline.

Evil Dead Ii Sam Raimi

From Goopy to Groovy: How Sam Raimi Approaches Horror Comedy


If comedy is just tragedy + time … we have to assume that horror comedy is tragedy + slime.

Best Movies Benedetta

Master of Nun(sploitation): The Cinematic Influences of ‘Benedetta’


Developed something of a HABIT for nun films after watching ‘Benedetta’? We’ve got you covered.

The Wailing Horror

Why the Horror of ‘The Wailing’ Hinges on Ambiguity


Time to dig into the bones of a film that really lives up to its name.